Event Services

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Our licensed and insured therapists are experienced in chair massage. We will provide a fully clothed treatment of the upper body, dedicating 10-15 minutes per guest to assist in the benefits of a chair massage. 

Benefits of Chair Massage

  • Reduces anxiety 
  • Increases circulation 

  • Boosts immune system 

  • Lowers blood pressure 

  • Relieves muscle pains and headaches 

  • Decreases stress and muscle tension 

  • Improves sleep quality 

  • Generates more flexibility 

  • Relax muscle spasms 

  • Releases toxins from our body 

  • Decreases fatigue 

  • Induces relaxation 

  • Improves alertness and motivation 

 All-Inclusive Rates Include:  

  • Transportation to and from the site 

  • Equipment setup 

  • Licensed and insured massage therapists 

  • Professional massage chairs 

  • Relaxing music (optional)